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6 capital partners funding

Some of the sectors focused on globally in 6’s funding portfolios are, but are not limited to:


  • Property development – residential, industrial, retail, hospitality

  • Development and acquisitions in the hospitality sector (purchases of existing assets and also the development of new hotels and resorts)

  • The resource sector – purchase and expansion of mines globally

  • Selected maritime acquisitions

  • Monetization of any assets which is under safekeeping (gold, investment quality gems such as diamonds, etc

  • Portfolio acquisitions (merges or complete buyouts)

  • Commercial loans for business, expansions, or inventory

  • Renewable energy transactions

  • The agricultural sector and food technology

  • Healthcare - both existing and construction of new facilities and rollout of healthcare portfolios.

  • Information Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Financial services

6 is always updating its portfolios' mandates to remain nimble in current market conditions. Should you have a transaction in a sector not listed above CONTACT US to find out if a specific portfolio may meet your capital requirements.

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