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6 Capital Partners (Hat Capital Partners (Pty) Limited) ("6”) specialises in assisting borrowers to be approved for debt funding to a broad array of transactions globally. ​

Transaction terms are structured bespoke to each transaction, assuring that the capital best suits the needs of the borrowing entity, project or transaction. This strategy reduces lender risk considerably and provides assurance of long-term sustainability and liquidity within the transaction.

6 Capital Partners’ portfolios are strategically structured, allowing transactions to be considered in various sectors globally.​ The diverse scope of industries 6 includes in their mandates assures that 6 and their capital partners enjoy diversification and exposure to both high-yielding emerging sectors and traditional asset classes that have historically yielded stable returns over decades during all economic cycles.​

Following the launch of 6 Capital Partners, additional longstanding capital partners requested to participate, and therefore 6 became 8 capital partners and still expanding.

These capital partners all meet the capital liquidity requirements, legal structuring standards and, most importantly, compliance requirements that include stringent Anti-money laundering (AML) standards.

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